Profeta Farms was founded by Paul Profeta, his wife Joanne Malino, and General Manager John Place. We are passionate about producing food of the highest quality using sustainable and humane practices. Our philosophy begins from the ground up, by boosting soil health. We reduce tillage, supplement with compost, and plant cover crops to continually work nutrients back into the soil. This fully mineralized and biologically active foundation lends its health to the plants that grow in it, a trend that follows the food chain all the way up to you, at the top. Rotational grazing systems, organic management, and the absence of herbicides and pesticides are key to creating a healthy soil to nourish our crops and pastures, which in turn nourish our animals and vegetables, and nourish us. Healthy soil yields healthy people.

We are very proud of the way we raise our cows, pigs, and chickens. They are raised in a manner that we and our customers believe they should be raised. The animals on this farm don’t just “have access” to our pastures – they live primarily on our pastures, as they were meant to, foraging and grazing for their food, which is grown with the help of our robust soil. By developing our farm into a diverse food system, we aim to provide a unique all-in-one experience for our customers where they will be able to purchase the majority of their food from a single local, organic, and sustainable source.

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